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LCTV offers a vast array of programming on our channels. Much of our programming is scheduled on a daily basis and often subject to great changes throughout the week. We try our best to keep programming schedules up to date and accurate. For the latest schedules and special events please download the most recent schedule below and check back often for the latest updates.
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Copies of LCTV Programs are available for purchase on standard DVD and in some cases Blu-Ray DVD. To request a copy either call LCTV at 434-1733 or fill out the online ordering instructions below:

Online duplication request:
Step #1
Fill out the online request form with show title and your personal contact info.
Step #2
Pay for your purchase at the time of picks (correct cash/checks only) or online via paypal payment. A link will follow for paypal payment.
Step #3
Pick up in person or request mailing of your DVD.

LCTV Duplication Request Form
DVD Copies of LCTV programs are available for purchase. Please use this form below or call 434-1733 to make your request.
  • Program Information

    Information about the show you are requesting
  • Example:
    WNY Tonight
    Lockport vs Starpoint Boys High School Basketball
  • Example:
    Healthy Eating
    Investing in Mutual Funds
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    [call 716-434-1733 for availability if older than one year]
  • Viewer Information

    Your contact information.
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  • More than 3 call 434-1733 for bulk discount rates?

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*Please call for bulk discounts and Blu-Ray DVD availability.
(Not all programs are available on Blu-Ray)

Paypal is now available for purchases.
Link will be provided by LCTV

Important information about your copy.
LCTV charges a minimum of $15 for a per program. LCTV does not duplicate partial programs. Blu-Ray is $25 per disc.

LCTV will not copy portions or excerpts of programs. Complete programs only and they must be produced by LCTV and not volunteer productions.

Bulk discounts are 434-1733

Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing. You will be notified via email when your copy is ready.

Payment is expected at the time of pickup or via PayPal. Acceptable forms of in-person payment at this time are cash (correct amount only, please.) , and personal checks accepted.

DVD copies are made on high quality DVD-R discs only, if your DVD player cannot play these discs please be aware.

DVD's include printed labels, slim case, domestic shipping is included in the price as well. Shipping of bulk items is NOT included.

All duplication services may be directed to Greg Larson -
All programming questions may be directed to Richard Zapp -